Whether you are living with diabetes or just want to live a Low Glycemic lifestyle, Fifty50 Foods is leading the way with a full line of great tasting Low Glycemic foods to help everyone eat well and feel good.

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    Fifty50 Foods Low Glycemic products minimize your blood sugar spikes and crashes. They are perfect for people with healthy active lifestyles who need energy to go the distance -- and they are delicious!

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Our Promise is Simple

Offering great tasting Low Glycemic products to support finding a cure for diabetes. Fifty50 donates half our profits to diabetes research. Every purchase you make helps increase our contributions.

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No Sugar Added Peanut Butter

Enjoy the pure peanut taste of our number one selling product - Fifty50 Creamy Peanut Butter

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Sugar Free Chocolate

Calling all chocolate lovers. We have Low Glycemic, creamy, deep chocolate flavored chocolate bars that melt in your mouth and won't spike your blood sugar.

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Fifty50 Foods

Fifty50 Foods was started in 1989 by 3 people. One had diabetes, one was a
diabetes educator, and one was a volunteer raising money for diabetes research.

Our dream was to sell great tasting products that people living with diabetes could enjoy
while managing their disease. And to donate half our profits to fund diabetes research.

Today, Fifty50 sells a broad line of Low Glycemic foods designed to minimize blood
glucose fluctuations. To date, we have donated over $13.6 million to diabetes research.

Help us grow our contributions through your support of our products?

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